Welcome to the new myFireLog.Cloud App

Suitable for any premises with a fire alarm system 

The App knows when the person responsible arrives on site by geolocation. 

The person is sent an alert to carry out the task for example unlocking fire doors, carrying out fire sounder test etc.

The person must sign a digital signature when task is completed.

If task is not completed in a reasonable time a alert will be sent to other members of staff.

The great thing is the app reminds staff to check all devices when they are due to be checked with location zone lists of all devices fire alarm fire extinguishers fire doors emergency lighting etc.

It keeps a log of engineers visits and recommendations also signed off by digital signature.  So you don't have to remember and you automatically stay compliant with your responsibilities!

All Log history is time stamped for tests and will be stored in the cloud and available at anytime for examination by the Fire Officer.